ERP in Practice

ERP in Practice

A Tata McGraw-Hill publication Hardback Edition 2007

ERP strategies for steering organizational competence and competitive advantage

Jagan Nathan Vaman

Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP software system, which serves as the backbone of an organization’s information needs, offers unrivaled improvements in business processes and a great opportunity for true connectivity and standardization. Information can be shared internally and externally in real-time; supply and demand can be perfectly coordinated; and business managers can understand every aspect of a company’s operations and performance with the click of the mouse.

ERP in Practice is a practitioner’s manual with concepts, principles, practices and programs that are ‘in practice’. Such ERP practices are presented in the context of making your business processes and ERP systems gain a competitive edge. The book shows that to achieve the business benefits of ERP, companies must treat their implementations as a business initiative, not a technical one. It means putting business executives in charge — not technical managers — who can make the organizational and process changes necessary to achieve benefits. And like all business projects, the responsibility of achieving the set objectives should belong to every manager, not only those involved in the ERP project. This book is packed with actionable strategies, forward thinking solutions, work-plans, tips and tricks to make ERP programs a success.

ERP in Practice will enable CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, business and technical managers, IT and ERP professionals apply the practical ideas, frameworks, models and leading measures in ERP driven environments and achieve a full range of business benefits.


PART 1 – ERP Overview

ERP Overview – What is so revolutionary about ERP?
ERP is today CEA – Comprehensive Enterprise Application
Who is using ERP systems? How? – Business benefits of ERP
To ERP or not ERP? ERP Strategy Options

PART 2 – ERP Selection

Are you ready for ERP? Identifying and selecting the Right ERP Solution
ERP Vendor selection – Million-dollar baby?

PART 3 – ERP Execution

Executing ERP Programs – Execution is the Key to ERP success
ERP Infrastructure Considerations
ERP Upgrades – Upgrade or Perish!
Managing ERP Transition
Managing ERP Vendor/ Implementation Partners – How to protect
your company from ERP Consultants
Life after an ERP implementation – Continuous Business
ERP Risk Management & Mitigation strategies – ERP Security

PART 4 – ERP Future Directions & Best Case studies

Future Directions – Does ERP Matter? Best ERP case studies

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Author Profile

Jagan Nathan Vaman

Jagan Vaman comes with over 23 years of experience in growing value at Technology based enterprises with focus on ERP. In his Consulting and leadership roles at Siemens, Satyam, Sify, he generated significant Customer value and executed several large ERP projects and built ERP practices at Sify and Satyam.

He is currently the CEO of Altrion Technologies Private Limited – a company that focuses on ERP Practice and Technology services. Before this, Jagan was Vice President – SAP Technical Services of Sify, providing strategy-consulting services to clients in the enterprise IT, ERP security, and SAP technology services.

Earlier, Jagan was SAP Retail Practice Head, at Satyam Computer Services LTD, and successfully managed several large ERP Projects such as REI, Palm Computing, Dupont, SAP IBDP. Jagan started his career at Siemens and held several leadership positions at Siemens both in India and Germany for over 17 years and has led the Siemens India’s SAP implementation.
Jagan is a CISA, Certified Information Systems Auditor, from ISACA, US; a Post Graduate in Management from AIM, and has received the highest professional management training at Siemens Berlin Business School, Germany.

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ERP in Practice
Jagan Vaman, Nathan

Price: Rs 525
ISBN: 9780070621077
Pub Date: FEB-07
Publish Status: In Stock
Copyright Year: 2007


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